For one of life’s biggest decisions we are here to help you choose a perfect engagement ring, making your proposal as unique as your story and the person you ask to spend your life with. We understand the value of this commitment and thrive on the joy we see in our customers when they see that final piece sparkle. Forever.

It might be a classic diamond – the perfect symbolism of enduring love and solidarity. The hardest substance on earth, created under extreme heat and pressure with an age between 300 million to 1 billion years old and created from 100 percent carbon, diamonds truly represent eternity and life on earth. However, the vibrant colours of sapphires or the dark and stormy shades of spinel reflect personality, depth and life.

We’d like you to experience Cushla Whiting’s signature engagement ring collection using the most extraordinary diamonds and coloured stones, beautifully set in a range of timeless, considered designs. Every piece is made locally in Melbourne using the finest material and craftsmanship.

Our signature designs may be customised to your design preferences and with the gemstone of your choice from our collection.

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