To find your perfect diamond, we go beyond the standard four C’s of cut, colour, clarity and carat. We consider over 30 criteria before we buy, ensuring every diamond in our inventory is selected for its superior beauty and investment potential.

Diamonds: The 4 C’s


Cut is the most important factor in determining the overall beauty of any diamond and refers to the proportion, symmetry and polish of the diamond cut, which determines ‘light-return’ or sparkle. Working closely with our international buying offices, our GIA qualified Gemologist uses his expertise in assessing the diamonds angles and proportions and limits his buying only to diamonds that can be supplied with ASET light return intelligence so that he can properly assess the cut and diamonds brightness


Clarity refers to the level of inclusions within a diamond and ranges from ‘F’ for a flawless stone right down to ‘I3’ for a stone with very obvious inclusions. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare, and priced accordingly. Our Gemologist selects our diamonds directly from the largest diamond site-holders in the world ensuring that we have the largest pool of diamonds to search through to find 100% eye clean diamonds in the most economical grades for our customers.


The colour scale for diamonds starts at ‘D’ for colourless stones and continues with increasing presence of colour to ‘Z’. Between the grades of D to G colour distinction is so subtle that it is often invisible to the untrained eye. We buy diamonds between the grades D to H for ‘round cuts’ and D to G for ‘fancy cuts’ to ensure that our diamonds are colourless when face up. We also carefully select the best ‘fancy’ coloured diamonds – in particular yellow, champagne and cognac diamonds.


A carat is the measurement of the weight of a diamond. At certain carat weights the value of a diamond can increase significantly. Diamonds of the same carat weight can appear different millimeter sizes. Many diamond cutters will leave excess weight on a diamond to maximise their profit, but this can compromise the overall quality of the stone. When buying our diamonds, our experience with gems means that we can avoid this pitfall and select only stones that have been ideally cut.



Cushla Whiting is an ethical business with a zero tolerance policy towards conflict or ‘blood’ diamonds. We only purchase our diamonds through respected suppliers who adhere to, and enforce, the standards established by the Kimberley Process.

Today, the percentage of conflict diamonds that enter the market is less than one percent. The industry has worked tirelessly to achieve this through measures such as the Kimberley Process and in partnership with the United Nations and other non-government organisations. The majority of diamonds now come from countries including Australia, Canada, Botswana, Namibia, and Russia and in these countries, the industry represents a significant proportion of the national GDP.


We have an extensive inventory of the highest quality diamonds, hand-selected by our diamond expert, GIA Gemologist Hamish Whiting. Hamish’s years of experience in buying diamonds for the family diamond wholesale company, combined with his training at the HRD in Antwerp and GIA in California has made him an expert at his craft. Hamish’s approach to buying is to look beyond the GIA certificate and judge the actual diamond.

The first thing he looks at is the cut to see if it is bright and balanced and then the clarity to ensure the diamond is 100% eye clean, carat and colour are less variable. Our longstanding relationships with our buying offices around the world also allows us to source particular stones to fulfill client requests

Our passion for gems is evident across our stunning collection. Hamish, our in-house gemologist, has spent years developing relationships with many of the world’s finest experts in coloured and today enjoys unrivaled access to the most premium gemstones from ethical, trusted sources.


Colombian Emerald

Fine quality Colombian emeralds are one of the most highly sought after gemstones in the world. All Cushla Whiting emeralds are ethically sourced from the Muzo mine. Muzo emeralds are the measure against which all other emeralds are judged, prized for their saturated colour which sits between a pure-green and slightly bluish-green hue. Each Muzo emerald is individually numbered and can be traced back to the ‘rough’ it originated from. Muzo is recognised as an industry leader in its commitment to social, ethical and environmental responsibility.


Sri Lanka is a key source for sapphires and produces fine quality sapphires in all colours, but is most famed for its royal blue sapphires. We collect fine quality Sri Lankan sapphires in all colours including blue, peach, yellow, Padparascha and many more. We also specialise in sourcing sapphires in earthy tones and teal colours. These more unique colours are found at different locations around the world. Hamish is always working on finding new sources, keeping Cushla Whiting as a leading jewellers in supplying uniquely coloured sapphires.


The Burmese ruby is the world’s finest and most sought after ruby, known for its pigeon blood red hue and natural fluorescence that causes them to glow in sunlight. A fine quality Burmese ruby is extremely rare and very valuable. It was recently discovered that Mozambique also produces fine quality pigeon blood red rubies, offering new options, as unheated fine Burmese ruby is almost impossible to find today. Mozambique rubies are very clean and bright and all our stock is unheated.

Spinel, Tourmaline & Other

We also collect beautiful examples of Spinel, Tourmaline and other rare gems. These come in a variety of cuts and colours and offer something truly unique. Spinel are really popular with our customers wanting a less traditional look for their engagement rings. We love the ‘dark and stormy’ spinels for their moody appeal and the fact that the colour varies in different lighting conditions. They are also hard enough and durable enough to be suitable for engagement jewellery to be worn daily.



We go to great lengths to purchase ethical stones. All of the gems that we buy come from known and trusted sources with leading trade reputations. Each of our suppliers is able to vouch for the provenance of the gems from fair trade dealers, or direct from the mines themselves. Because there is no process in place to ensure the ethical trading of coloured stones like there is for diamonds, buying from trusted and known sources is very important to us.


We maintain a large inventory of hand-selected coloured stones. We are also able to source gems from our international suppliers to meet our clients’ needs. Unlike diamonds, there is no grading system for coloured stones and prices can vary dramatically. Most coloured stones have received some treatment to improve their colour or stability. Hamish’s expertise with coloured stones means that we are able to guide our customers through the tricky process of buying a gem.


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