We’re Anna, Cushla and Hamish Whiting. We’re three siblings who share a few things in common. An obsession with perfection for our craft and purpose. A love of design, architecture, and gemology. And an overwhelming sense of responsibility for what we do.

Our roots in gemology date back to our dad, Peter Whiting who started a wholesale diamond business in Auckland in 1978 where he supplied NZ and Australian jewellery clients for over 30 years.

In 2013, we saw an opportunity to make buying a piece of fine jewellery as unintimidating, empowering and transparent for as many people as possible. And that’s why we’re here. To turn confusion into clarity.  To create meaningful jewels of exceptional quality that you’ll treasure forever. 



Creative Director and Designer and GIA Qualified Diamond and Coloured Stone Expert

The creative perfectionist

 ‘I feel a deep responsibility for making our customers happy and satisfied. Nothing less is acceptable.’ 

After completing an internship at opulent London jeweller Hannah Martin, Cushla honed her jewellery design aesthetic at the Gemological Institute of America, where she received the coveted H.Goldie Award. In 2014, she founded her eponymous label with her siblings. But Cushla’s path to fine jewellery wasn’t traditional, and neither are her iconic designs. As a former architect, she possesses a finely-trained eye for geometry, form and the study of light. She finds beauty and inspiration in both the smallest details and the vastness of the universe. The result is Cushla Whiting’s trademark—bold stones, clean lines, and timeless elegance. 


General Manager and GIA Qualified Diamond and Coloured Stone Expert

The romantic pragmatist 

‘I love making beautiful jewellery and seeing how happy it makes people.’

Before founding CW, Anna worked in the wine industry, her other passion. But when the three Whiting siblings had the gem of an idea to continue the family’s rich history in the jewellery industry, it felt as natural as drawing breath. As our General Manager and qualified lawyer, Anna oversees everything at CW. From production to customer service, she makes sure each and every element meets our exacting standards. It’s her mission to create an environment where collaboration, trust, passion and excellence thrive. Anna believes in the magic, science, and story of gemstones—and empowering our customers with knowledge and an exceptional experience. 


GIA Gemologist and HRD Antwerp Diamond Grader 

The treasure hunter

‘All gemologists are adventurers’  

Hamish is our in-house rock expert. He is both a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) trained gemologist and HRD diamond grader. And he’s currently working from the Antwerp Diamond Bourse—the centre of old-world diamond trading. A rigorous researcher with a penchant for diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, Hamish goes all out to maximise the beauty and value of every stone in our slowly sourced collection. Over more than a decade, he has built a global network of trusted and ethically responsible diamond and coloured gemstone suppliers. Hamish is relentless in his search for the “needles in the haystack”, diamonds that are not only top-performing in their beauty, but also perfectly priced for our customers. His knowledge is illuminating. His passion is contagious. 



We believe that a piece of carefully designed jewellery has the power to bring beauty and joy to your life.

The need for self-expression—in every shade and tone—is at the heart of every CUSHLA WHITING creation. 


Design with a difference

Design with a difference

Fine form. Amazing angles. Beauty in balance. 

Cushla’s background as an architect gives CW pieces a distinct and timeless edge. Her clean lined designs paired with our one-of-a-kind diamonds and coloured gemstones are our signature traits.

Enhance your sense of self and feel great too knowing that all of our pieces are ethically and sustainably made right here in our Melbourne workshop.

Gemstones that are a little less common and a lot more interesting.

Gemstones that are a little less common and a lot more interesting.

Our in-house gemologist—Hamish—has spent the past decade building an enviable global network of trusted suppliers.

He goes to great lengths to maximise beauty and value, and uphold ethics, sustainability and traceability. The result is an enviable collection of stones that are a little less common and a lot more interesting.

Creative perfectionists

Creative perfectionists

We look at everything under the microscope. For beauty in the smallest of details. For pure perfection in a diamond’s proportions and cut.

We create a rare union between expertise, craft, quality, care, and passion. We care deeply about the transfer of knowledge and guiding you on an instinctive journey to find the forever piece that will tell your story for generations to come.