The current discourse on sustainability issues has prompted us to reflect on our actions as a growing business. We’re cognisant of the enormous environmental and social impact that the jewellery industry has, and may continue to have. Not to mention, that the oversaturation of the word 'sustainability' has led to a great deal of confusion, particularly in the fashion and jewellery space, where it's unregulated. Sustainability extends far beyond recycling and isn't a destination to reach. Rather, it should be grounded into daily operation to inspire better practices for a better world. 

While we’ve always sought ethical materials—be it Kimberley certified, conflict-free diamonds or artisanally mined sapphires—we can acknowledge that we’ve got a long way to go.

We strongly believe that businesses can play an essential role in driving positive change. As such, in the latter half of 2022, we committed to a set of new sustainability processes.

Drawing from the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we created SUSTAINABILITY+, rooted in three pillars: PEOPLE+PLANET+PROSPERITY. It seeks to capture the intersection of social and environmental factors and inspire better practice, focusing on what we can do now and looking at what we can add in the future. 


Transparency and traceability is imperative in ensuring customers feel confident that their jewellery is made from responsible sourced materials with minimal environmental harm. 

We’ve updated our sustainability page to include greater information on our suppliers, products and processes. 

We’ve partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to take positive climate action and reduce our carbon footprint. For every sale, one tree or shrub will be planted. 

Finally, we are in the process of developing packaging that can be reused or recycled, including our new, organic cotton tote bags.


As we continue to grow, so too will our sustainability commitments. For 2023, we hope to employ blockchain technology to provide greater transparency on our diamonds, become an RJC member (working toward certification) and employ more circular practices including our ring boxes and aftercare processes.