CUSHLA WHITING unveils a new exclusive diamond cut, La Cush.

Introducing ‘LA CUSH' cut - An original diamond cut invented by our co-founder GIA gemologist Hamish Whiting.  

Inspired by genuine antique Old European and Old Mine Cut diamonds, our co-founder and in-house GIA Gemologist, Hamish Whiting, decided it was high time he released his very own cut; suitably named the 'LA CUSH' cut. 

In a disingenuous effort to pass modern diamonds off as genuine antiques, many in the industry, unfortunately, use modern technology to directly replicate the long-lost art of hand-cut antique styles. Hamish feels strongly that these replicas will never hold the same beauty as a genuine antique cut diamond and for this reason, he wanted his cut to be a fusion of both modern and antique, as opposed to a direct copy of an antique style.

Selecting a piece of champagne diamond rough at the Antwerp Diamond Bourse for his "prototype," Hamish then sent his diamond to India where it was cut using the latest technology.

"Unfortunately, most modern fancy cut diamonds are cut to maximise their carat weight and for this reason, they are usually considered to be some of the worst diamonds in regards to light performance. When creating my cut, I wanted to ensure that the diamond would be cut in a way that would genuinely maximise its beauty instead of just the carat weight." - Hamish Whiting.

The result is a unique hybrid between a cushion brilliant style and an antique Old Mine cut. "The diamond has all the attributes of an Old Mine, a high crown and a small table, which gives extraordinary fire. Also, the pavilion's main facets are larger than in a traditional modern cut, so it gives blocky reflections instead of the modern "crushed ice" look."

'La Cush' Cut Diamonds can be custom cut to order in a variety of sizes and grade preferences. Book an appointment at either our Melbourne or Sydney showrooms to meet with our design and gemmology specialists..


([SOLD] Pictured: 2.22 carat, champagne ‘La Cush’ Cut diamond, U-V colour, VS1 clarity (GIA certified).