3 Things To Consider Before Buying An Engagement Ring

3 Things To Consider Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Lucky you. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve found the person that feels like coming home. 

Simply put, you want to let them know they’re The One. And now it’s time to figure out when, where and how to buy an engagement ring. Here are the top three things you should consider before buying an engagement ring:

An engagement ring is the ultimate love letter to your partner. It’s your chance to capture all of their beautiful traits, quirks and qualities and reflect them through the design that you choose. Our helpful and experienced CUSHLA WHITING Design and Gemstone Consultants on hand to guide you every step of the way. 
Providing us with some pictures and a brief description of your partner will help us guide you to styles that might suit them. 

Here are six questions that will help give us clues about the right ring for them:  

  1. Do they like rounded or geometric things? 
  2. Is their style soft or bold? 
  3. Are they more conservative in their style or do they prefer to stand out in the crowd?
  4. What colours do they wear? 
  5. What colour metal do they currently wear?
  6. What skin tone do they have? 

We normally also ask to see a photo of them and their hands to assess which style would look best on them. 
Whether it’s a classic solitaire like the VICTORIA DIAMOND or a bold and asymmetrical piece like the ROMI CIGAR — we have every personality type covered from A to INFP. 

Our bespoke service allows you to customise one of our signature designs to meet your budget and style preferences, create something completely unique with our CUSTOM service, or find the one in our READY MADE SIGNATURE DESIGNS.

It is important that we understand the wearer of the ring so we can design a ring that enhances their personal style (see above) and is durable enough for their personal wear and tear. This is where your partner’s lifestyle and career come in. Here are three questions to think about before your first CUSHLA WHITING consultation: 

  1. Are they heavy-handed or naturally careful?
  2. Do they have an office job or a more physical career? There are some jobs where you just wouldn't wear your ring, like a doctor, chef, or landscaper. 
  3. What are their hobbies? There are also some hobbies you would never wear your ring—like rock climbing, mountain biking, pilates, yoga, and weight-lifting.

Despite what some people might try to tell you, there is no right amount to invest in an engagement ring. It’s not about how much you spend. It's about how much you and your partner adore the ring. Your budget is a personal decision, so you should only spend what you are comfortable with. 

Sharing your price range with us allows us to curate a selection of diamonds or gemstones that are suitable for you and that will blow your mind (not your budget). With Hamish, our GIA Gemologist and HRD Antwerp Diamond Grader, scouring the corners of the earth for diamonds and gemstones of exceptional quality and value, we’ll help you find a rare and beautiful gem for your rare and beautiful gem. 

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